What do you need to keep an allotment going? is a question often asked by people. Below is a list of tools WE use, but other people may have other ideas about what to use .

FORK - Used for digging over the soil. When buying a new fork, choose one that feels comfortable to use. Don't be put off by price. A few extra pennies spent can save a lot of backache caused by a fork that isn't suited to your needs, or your body frame. To highlight this, both my wife and I are of different build and size, hence we each use our own fork. We struggle to use the wrong fork (and believe me, I've tried it and suffered backache)

SPADE - Also used for digging over the soil. Can be used carefully to dig shallow trenches. Again, the same applies here as for FORK.

HOE & DUTCH HOE - Used for rooting out weeds between the vegetables. USE WITH GREAT CARE as this tool can easily damage small seedlings.

DIBBER - Used to make holes in the ground prior to planting things such as potato tubers. If you can't afford one (or don't fancy buying one), then use the handle from an old spade or fork. Cut the handle off so it's about 1 foot long, then smooth the end down to a sort of point. Works just as well.

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