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Cucumbers (all female varieties, outdoor type, and Burpless F1 hybrid) - Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours prior to planting them. Plant them in early/mid May (when all chance of frost has passed) in a propagator on the windowsill or greenhouse. Transplant to a grow bag when they have a minimum of 4 leaves on them. Less than this, and I found they die off.  I then move the grow bag outside rather than plant them in the ground or leave them in a greenhouse, so they have room to grow. Occasionally feed them Tomato Feed (about once a week in hot weather), and keep the grow bag moist at all times, as cucumber plants draw up a lot of water. Cut the cucumbers off, do not pull them off. In 2002, I planted 3 plants, and got well over 30 cucumbers in a season. - Stuart 8/6/03