Update for 2005.

We're now into late June / Early July, and what a cracking start to the year. First earlies went into the ground beginning of April, and Runner beans (Scarlet Lady variety this year) went in by mid April. BIG MISTAKE. End of April we have not one, but two frosts. Killed of the Runner beans, and set the potatoes back by about 3 weeks. Not deterred by this, we planted more Runner beans about 1-2 weeks later (same variety). AGAIN, BIG MISTAKE. One cold night (wasn't frosty, but Runner beans hate the cold), and they'd died again. On the verge of giving up with these beans, I acquired some from my father-in-law (he owns 2 plots near to where he lives). After much debating about planting them , they finally went in about mid May.


By late May, everything had been sown -


Well, now late December 2005, and most of the vegetables have been harvested. Some good results, and some not so good.


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